Entrepreneurship comes with a gazillion challenges. 

One of the hardest is figuring out how to juggle both your work and your family life. These little time ninjas sneak up and try to kill any chance of having a life outside of work. 

While I can't give you more time, I can help you recapture and reprioritize your time. 

You CAN succeed in business while still having the quality time you want with your family. Take those time ninjas out at the knees and get your life back.

  • Overwhelmed by your 23-page to-do list and just wanna forget it all and binge-watch Netflix?
  • Hopeless because you're sure you'll never have enough time to get it all done?
  • Disconnected from your family because you're distracted by the never ending demands of your business?
  • Guilty because when you're working, you want to be with your family, and when you're with your family, you want to be working?
  • Frustrated because you don't have the time you need to implement all your great ideas and accomplish your business goals?
  • Lost without clear direction for how you're spending your time?
  • Incapable of having quality time with your family because of all the demands on your time?
  • Scattered without a solid schedule to keep things organized and focused?

Overwhelmed. Hopeless. Disconnected. Guilty. Frustrated. Lost. Incapable. Scattered.

Gross! Who wants that??

Let me help you take back your time.

  • Calm after burning that long to-do list (ok, may not burning, but do something dramatically symbolic) and choosing what's most important and what can be dropped
  • Certainty in knowing that you CAN do what you want and need to do, and a solid plan for how you're going to
  • Connection with your family as you're able to leave work at work
  • Freedom from guilt as you utilize strategies for being fully focused at work and fully present when you're with your family
  • Relief as you implement a system that allows you to accomplish your business goals
  • Clarity in having a plan in place for how you're going to spend your time.
  • Confidence in being being able to spend quality time with your family—and enjoy that time!
  • Focus that comes with prioritization and a solid schedule that maximizes productivity.

Calm. Certainty. Connection. Freedom. Relief. Clarity. Confidence. Focus.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about, dude!


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"Tricia helped me make more time for the things I love (my family and my business). Saying 'yes' to others was taking away MY precious time. Now I’m finally focusing on me (and us as a family)."

 Marie Ryan, Team Leader at Usborne Books & More 

"Tricia reminded me that I am not responsible for everything, and that I don’t have to feel obligated to do things. In every single interaction, Tricia made me feel even more competent—as well as loved, accepted, and more than good enough."

Jennifer Harshman, Owner, Writing-and-Publishing Expert at Harshman Services

Don't wait!

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